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CITB combines folk, jazz, salsa,and rock into a sound seperating them from your basic acoustic trio. With one guitar, two voices, and a hell of a lot of percussion these guys pack a punch that not only blows you over but helps you get back up so they can hit you again. But seriously, CITB has a powerful yet mystically moving sound that belies their size.

Well, Lex has moved on but Barry and Todd still do shows.
Also, Todd is playing with MORAG and Lunchbox Heroes.

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Double Take Records!
You can get the latest CD's, listen to tunes, find out about gigs and much much more!

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Charlie In The Box is:
Todd Eric Valcourt - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Lex Georgiou - Vocals
Barry Belkin - Percussion

Thanks to everyone for supporting us through the years.

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